Assert authority là gì

A:It generally means you need to act boldy or confidently, especially if you want to achieve something.
A:I believe that (but in a really confidential manner)

confident in your beliefs or actions A:Stand up for yourself
be bold
say what you mean
tell them how you feel A:She asserted her opinion
they were asserting their dominance
you assert that this is correct
we will assert our rights A:-He asserts that he will not join the company.
-She asserted that she has no intention of resigning any time soon.
-The research asserts that intermittent fasting can benefit us in the long run. A:You need to assert your position when teaching middle school students A:-He's not very assertive.
-You need to learn to assert yourself more!
-I'm proud of you! You don't normally assert yourself like that! A: Yes, that is a good way to put it. To affirm and affirmation have a slightly more emotional context.
Similar words that dont have that emotional touch, are "to recognize" and "to agree" A:They are very similar but using assert you can see that it means to state something more firmly. I think using assert lets you know the guy seems more convinced that he is right.

"i assert that this is the correct translation"
"i will argue that this is the correct translation" A:insist is to hold up a claim emphatically while assert is to declare with assurance or plainly and strongly; to state positively. A:They are synonyms for each other depending on the context.
Examples for when they mean the same thing: state as a fact confidently
The school asserts that attendance will affect the teacher's salary.
The school affirmed that attendance will affect the teacher's salary.

Examples for when they have different meanings:
Assert: show one's authority or dominance in a confident or forceful manner
The teacher asserts her power over the students.
She asserts her authority when needed.

Affirm: accept or confirm; a formal declaration; offer support
The mom affirmed her daughter to do well in school.
The official affirmed his views on the new law.

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