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I have decided to send you this letter as I know you are far too busy and it is difficult for us to arrange discussion about my performance during probation and even more impossible to gather -... and  as well.

First of all, thank you very much for offering me such a chance to be a part of ..., with challenging yet interesting working environment and colleagues to work in/with. Having moved from a local company to a multinational company was such a fantastic opportunity which I always treasure.

I have passed to your PA earlier the Performance Appraisal which had been properly filled in, with utmost consideration of what I have been doing since I joined the company. As you can see in the Appraisal, I have a strong confidence in my skills, qualifications, enthusiasm and socialization. 3 months are definitely a short period but I sense a good match between my career expectation and the company prospect, I therefore have been trying all the best to complete all the required assignments and support all our colleagues wherever possible.

The particular duration when Representatives from our regional office came to Vietnam for installation and operation of the new program, I believe, has been able to show my dedication to the job and the teamwork spirit that is appreciated especially by Ms.....

As we have discussed once, I feel not very comfortable when I received the payslip for September where you have asked to increase my salary by USD..., making up the total net salary to USD.... I would like to clarify the reason why I accepted the offer of USD... at the beginning as I would love to take the chance to join a professional environment to further nourish and enhance my experience and knowledge. However, I strongly believe that there will be appropriate review after probation when my performance will be really considered and the benefit package would be adjusted to reflect my contribution and potential to grow with the company.

With your very long time living in Vietnam, I have no doubt about your intelligence of the country, especially the recent economic crisis that has put a lot of people, mainly the low-income one in an extremely hard situation. The average income offered to the same position as mine in multinational companies should be used as benchmark to define a suitable range of payment and I actually do not think the current payment is enabling me to cover the average living expenditure, not to mention further self-training plan.

It is understood that there are minimum increase of 20% conducted in a huge number of companies across Vietnam to catch up with the inflation and the normal balance between probation and permanent employment would be another 25%. With the above figures, we should be able to come up with the minimum increase of my salary by 45%, without any reflection of the appreciation by the company towards my performance and commitment as well as the responsibilities I am now assuming. Therefore, may I suggest, with all due respect, a net salary of USD.../month starting September 2008.

I would be available for any discussion you might want related to this issues and most grateful should you are able to spend some time for finalization as it is very crucial to me, during this particular time of economic crisis.

Please let me know.

Thanks & best regards,


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