Have you got a line là gì

get a line on Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

get a line on (someone or something)To have or obtain helpful information about someone or something. I've got a line on a few job opportunities in the city. John says he can get a line on a guy who can fix the car for half the price.See also: get, line, on

get a line onAlso, have a line on. Acquire information about something or someone, come to know. For example, Sue got a line on some possible tennis partners, or The realtor has a line on a number of vacant apartments. Similarly, give someone a line on means "provide information about," as in The librarian gave me a line on the books I would need. This idiom uses line in the sense of "a direct course." [c. 1900] Also see get a fix on. See also: get, line, on

get a line on learn something about. informal  1939 Raymond Chandler The Big Sleep I was trying to get a line on you, sure. See also: get, line, onSee also:

  • get a line on (someone or something)
  • get a line on someone
  • get in(to) line
  • come in(to) line
  • come into line
  • step out of line
  • all along the line
  • all along/down the line
  • be out of line
  • the dotted line

get a line onIdiom(s): get a line on sb or sthTheme: SEARCHINGto get an idea on how to locate someone or something; to find out about someone who can help find someone or something. I got a line on a book that might help explain what you want to know. Sally has a line on someone who could help you fix up your apartment.

get a line on|get|get a line|linev. phr. To receive special, sometimes even confidential information about something. Before Bill accepted his new position, he got a line on how the business was being run.

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