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Taxi Game 2 has been downloaded 100 million times. Over the past 30 days, it averaged 9.9 thousand downloads per day.


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Comments on Taxi Game 2 for Android

★★★★★ This is the very interesting game because this game play is very smooth and driving is perfecty to match the game

★★★★★ I love the taxi game but when I want to play it again it's taking too long to open the game please fix the problem

★★★★★ Can deposit Paytm no problem numbe and the other side effect of new 🫂 r u my fees is the end 🔚🔚 I will send it by clicking here Yahoo my homepage my game yeieoeueieoeei ok

★★★★★ It is very good game. I experienced more fun to drive taxi.

★★☆☆☆ Please it my first time playing this game, why it's loading slow

★★☆☆☆ The game is very badd I despoiled I rate 0 stars, but he doesn't write in 0 starts the game is poor the graphics are so badd

★★☆☆☆ It's been a long time since I played this game, I was shocked by the new update, I love the driver character thing and the speed of the car too, but what I hate is, the gas is so fast to run out, and also there are a lot of ads, when I play this game years ago, this is offline and I can play without needing a Wi-Fi, but now, I need to turn on my Wi-Fi just to play, so of course there are a lot of ads, I deleted it already, and if it's fixed, I'll play this game again, if it's fixed.

★★☆☆☆ This game is bad first time I play this first day game good but second day this was ringgit and the every app in my phone was ringgit fix it 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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Technologies used by Taxi Game 2

Taxi Game 2 is requesting 13 permissions and is using 32 libraries. Show details

Taxi Game 2 FAQ

How can I download the Taxi Game 2 app?

Use the button above and you'll be led directly to the Google Play store where you can install the app.

How popular is Taxi Game 2?

Taxi Game 2 has been downloaded a total of 100 million times. Over the past 30 days, it averaged 9.9 thousand downloads per day.

Is the Taxi Game 2 app safe for my device?

Yes, Taxi Game 2 follows the Google Play content guidelines which makes sure that it is safe to use on your Android device. If you want to look at which permissions Taxi Game 2 requires, you can check them out above.

Play the best taxi games for free. We have collected 24 popular taxi games for you to play on Little Games. They include new and top taxi games such as Indian Taxi, London Taxi Driver, Taxi Driver Simulator, Taxi Run - Crazy Driver and Taxi Simulator 2019. Choose a taxi game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.


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  2. London Taxi Driver
  3. Taxi Driver Simulator
  4. Taxi Run - Crazy Driver
  5. Taxi Simulator 2019
  6. Pick Me Up Taxi
  7. Real Taxi Driver 3D
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Which Taxi Games can be played for free?

  1. Indian Taxi
  2. London Taxi Driver
  3. Taxi Driver Simulator
  4. Taxi Run - Crazy Driver
  5. Taxi Simulator 2019


The brand new driving simulator - Taxi Game 2, sequel of the famous genre leader Taxi Game.

This time we give you the career mode, so you can develop your taxi driver skills and build the empire.

Taxi Game 2 will be constantly developed so you can buy the new cars, take a fare from dispatch, go to the other city zones, maybe even fly a plane. It depends how much you'll love this free cab simulator.

We guarantee it's the best taxi game in the store at the moment and one of the best driving games. We spent a lot of time to bring you the best gameplay you can have playing taxi games for mobile device.

We believe that Taxi Game 2 is the great choice even for such hard core gamers as train simulator fans.

You might be surprised how the city lives - people are walking, cars are crossing. Get in your taxi, start the engine and become a city traffic racer. Drive your cab through the big city traffic, pick up passengers and drive them safely to their destinations. But be careful! Duty driving is not easy. Life in the city is crazy, watch out for the people and the traffic. Oh, and don't forget to refuel your taxi cab! Yes, in Taxi 2 we've added gas stations.

The good taxi simulator lets you choose the passenger so does Taxi Game 2. It's your decision who to pick up. There are a lot of clients in the city!

Taxi Game 2 features:

- Full 3D open world

- Cab driving simulator

- Career mode

- Engaging taxi driver gameplay

- Choose the passengers to pick up

- GPS navigation (obviously it's a simulated GPS)

- Many routes across the city

- High quality graphics

Get Taxi Game 2 now for FREE and start your career! Remember - the original game only from TAXI GAMES FREE.

2018 - the year of Taxi 2

Can I run taxi simulator?

To play Taxi Simulator you will need a minimum CPU equivalent to an Intel Core i5-750. However, the developers recommend a CPU greater or equal to an Intel Core i5-4440S to play the game. Provided that you have at least an AMD graphics card you can play the game. Taxi Simulator will run on PC system with and upwards.

How do you become a taxi driver on Roblox?

Purchasing this Game Pass will give you access to Taxi Cabs. You can pick up a Taxi at the Taxi Depot next to the Car Dealership. You will be able to drive Taxis every visit after purchasing this pass.

Where can I play Crazy Taxi online?

Crazy Taxi - Play Online on SilverGames 🕹️

Is Taxi Sim multiplayer?

Feel like an actual taxi driver with realistic controls and sounds! Work your way up to the top in the Career mode, drive around and relax in Free Roam or play with your friends in Online Multiplayer.