Are 2 in 1 laptops worth it reddit

Has anyone had any experience with any 2-in-1s? Such as the Acer Aspire(technically not 2-in-1) or Lenovo Yoga/Flex? I need a portable laptop for bringing to class and like the idea of it also being a tablet.

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So I'm in a dillema. I'm looking into buying Asus Zenbook flip 13 but I' m not sure if convertable laptops are durable. I'm not looking for a laptop to play games.

My activities include doing homework (Word, Power point), watching YouTube and TV-shows, online school (zoom and teams calls), digital drawing (Photoshop and Illustrator), taking notes and maybe torrenting. Being able to draw and write handwritten notes is not a necessity but it plays a big role.

My main question is are they durable? Will the laptop last more than 2 years? I will do my best to take good care of the laptop (obviously)


Total budget :

Are you open to refurbs/used?

How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life?
i dont care about build quality i want a decent battery life and good performance (ryzen 4700u for ex)

How important is weight and thinness to you?
i dont care about weight but i want it to be small (14 inch at most)

Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A.
-full hd 14 inch-

Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run.
-i want it for programming (pycharm visual studio etc),photo editing using Photoshop and illustrator only

If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want?
i will not be gaming on it :)

Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)?
good keyboard travel +512 ssd and most importantly perfect touch pen

Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion.

Hi guys, if you would get a new laptop right now, would you go for a convertible laptop or one without touchscreen.

If you have a convertible how much do u use the touchscreen? do you may even have a tablet next to your convertible?

Screen size should be 14” minimum - is that too big for a convertible?

Hi guys, I'm just wondering if a 2 in 1 laptop is worth it over a normal laptop?

I'm thinking a 2 in 1 laptop would be good for taking notes and writing maths stuff. However, a normal laptop is much better specs and better value specs wise (better for 3D software) and I could always just use a graphical tablet I have for writing.

I've been thinking either a dell

What would you guys suggest?

budget £1500

battery 8+ hours ideally



I recently purchased a Dell XPS 13, and I absolutely love it. It's nice and lightweight, the battery lasts forever, and its screen is absolutely gorgeous.

But recently, I've been thinking about getting a 13 inch 2-in-1 and returning the Dell. However I am stumped as to whether 2-in-1s are actually worth it, or whether they're just awkward to use as tablets. Are there any 2-in-1 owners who can weigh in here?

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Like I had my school laptop and I have never EVER used the touchscreen besides doing something gimmicky. I mean if your a artist or teacher I understand but, a LOT of people want this ability for some reason??? I just don’t understand why. Fine, I lied, I actually used the touchscreen to open tabs. But that was when I didn’t have a mouse. I got my own laptop now and like it seems so stupid. Why waste money for a function you aren’t going to use? If anyone actually uses a 2 in 1 post a reply below.

Edit: So basically everyone uses it to take notes etc. Should’ve expected that. I mean I use my iPad sometimes to take notes but a Laptop, for me is wayyyyy to big for that type of deal.

I'm thinking of purchasing a new laptop and being a college student, I find that the laptop needs to be sleek, stylish, portable and aesthetically pleasing. I've been looking at the HP envy x360 because it checks most of my boxes. But my concern was really-

Are 2in1 laptops really worth it or is a standard laptop just as good?

My uses- 1)Word, Excel, etc 2)Surfing the internet 3)Torrenting videos 4)Netflix and movies 5)Light gaming, mainly fortnite

My uses, as you can see, are pretty basic, but whether a 2in1 laptop will benefit me or not in stopping me from purchasing a new laptop.

So what do I do? And if you guys have any better suggestions for laptops in the budget of $700 that'll be appreciated too.