A sitting duck nghĩa là gì

Ngắm hoàng hôn giữa cuộc sống bận rộn... Photo by: Ernesto Bruschi on Unsplash
"Sitting duck" = con vịt ngồi -> nghĩa là người/vật không được bảo vệ và rất dễ bị tấn công.
Ví dụMax Verstappen was a sitting duck against a charging Lewis Hamilton in the closing stages of the Hungarian Grand Prix, according to Red Bull Formula 1 chief Christian Horner. Verstappen had suppressed (đàn áp) Hamiltons advances for much of Sundays race at the Hungaroring, but an inspired strategy (chiến thuật) call from Mercedes to switch Hamilton onto a two-stop proved to be a race-winning move, as the Briton overturned (lật ngược) a 20s deficit on fresh tyres to pass Verstappen for victory with three laps to go.
Naturally this didnt last long, as Wong made his way into fourth behind Maraglino and Beauvois, but with two laps remaining it seemed everyone was saving their killing move until the last moment so as not to be a sitting duck at the front.
Withhold surprised many, including me, with his victory in the Marsh Cup at Newbury in July having not run since October last year. Weak in the market beforehand, he looked a sitting duck up the home straight after racing from the front so it was an impressive (ấn tượng) effort to carry 9st10lb to victory. That run should have him primed for this £1million contest.
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