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Some people think that it is best to live in a horizontal city while others think of vertical city. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
Each city has its own unique beauty and convenience with defferent altitute of buildings. Many people consider city with an array of skyscrapers an ideal place to live, whist the others take a facy to the contrary. To me, dwelling in the first one is second to none.
First of all, there are two main reasons explaining for why people want to live in a horizontal city. Building services in this kind of city command quite low price; by dint of that, residents here can save money to allocate for another thing such as heath care, utilities. Additionally, it is much easier for the inhabitants to tackle if they are in emergency situation. For example, when house starts burning, people can run downstairs on foot and get out of there faster and safer than in high buidings.
All the same, many other people including me believe that dwelling in vertical city is the most comfortable owing to its convenience and civilization. On the one hand, a city with a load of skycrapers will save more space for public usage. Nowaday, overpopulation is broken out in an array of cities despite the fact that land in earth is limited, so building with high altitute is an efficent route to handle this. On the other hand, this kind of city provides a wide range of goods and services, which makes our life much easier. There will be many complexies in vertical city, whereby people just need to go downstairs if they want to buy clothes or food in supermarket.
In conclusion, eventhough both kinds of city have their own advantages, should I stand a chance of choosing, city with grand buildings will be given the priority.

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Kindly check!

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In comment a5, you wrote ?. Here I use the phrase second to none which means the best, is that incorrect?Đang xem 2 luồng phản hồi

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